January 2019

1. These prejudices that lead us to disaster

2. PACTE bill: savings, the keys to a real success

3. Demography and financial markets

4. MiFID questionnaires, financial advice and savings behavior

5. Savings Meetings

6. World Savings Day

7. Pension Savings: The Real Return

June 2018

1. Overview of Savings in Europe

2. OEE Insights No.6

3. Financial education at the service of elderly people

4. Rethinking real estate property

5. Savings week

6. “Rate of return, 1870-2015”

7. OEE Scientific Committee

8. Breakfast debate on business financing plan

9. Conference on Robo-advisors

December 2017

1. 2017 OEE call for tenders

2. Overview of Savings in Europe

3. OEE Insights No.5

4. Choice of Savings Funds with or without Robo-advice

5. The OEE, partner of the Finkit project

6. Questions Retraite et Solidarité No.20 by La Caisse des Dépôts

7. OPCI market study

8. Personalized guide for statistics

9. World savings day

10. EFBS board of directors

11. Long-term investors Club meeting

12. OEE board of directors

13. FNCA financial directors meeting

June 2017

1. OEE Call for Tenders 2017

2. Interview of Didier Davydoff by Le Revenu

3. First Glance into Patters of Liquidity in the Eurozone Bond Market

4. Voting in the Aftermath of a Pension Reform: The role of Economic-Financial Literacy

5. Public Consultation on the FinTech

6. Seminar on Financial Guidance

7. CeRP Workshop

8. IODS Seminar

9. Social meeting of the Chair “Demographic Transitions, Economic Transitions”

10. Les lames de fond se rapprochent

March 2017

1. Join the OEE community!

2. State of play and prospects for shareholding in France

3. What are the 2017 challenges for occupational pension schemes?

4. Roundtable on fostering retail investment in capital markets

5. Agora of management organized by the AFG and the Institut Louis Bachelier

6. Jean Eyraud speaks in Banque et Stratégie Magazine

7. Livre Blanc de l‘épargne by the AFG

8. Questions Retraite et Solidarité No.17 by La Caisse des Dépôts

9. Fondation BDF thesis prize

10. Social Performance, Financing and Reforms of Higher Education

11. Saving and Credits, Mysterious Relations

January 2017

1. Director's greetings

2. COR annual symposium

3. Real estate: what place in the wealth of Europeans?

4. Didier Davydoff speaker at the third financial Thursdy of Sciences Po

5. Savings in the context of zero-interest rate policy

6. 9th edition of the Journées de l'économie

7. The futur of savings

8. The Banque de France inaugurates its open date room

9. OEE Insights No.4

10. Overview of savings in Europe

October 2016

1. 16th Call for tenders: selection of propositions

2. Inside OEE: new issue

3. Sovereign Funds: Major Actors in the Global Economy

4. Financial guidance

5. 50 years of financial crisis

6. Agissons d'urgence pour la croissance

April 2016

1. The OEE releases its annual call for tenders
2. Inside OEE
3. Lessons from research on savings: Should we encourage individuals to hold shares directly?
4. OEE Studies
5. Recent conferences

March 2015

1. Editorial by Jacques de Larosiere

2. Provide, help, send: the French face long life by Alain Tourdjman, BPCE

3. Some thoughts on the present and future of savings by Dr. Juri Schudrowitz

4. OEE's research